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Photos from Antarctica talk: 26 April 2008

The talk went well and 25 people showed up :-) Hope more people will appreciate Antarctica and more importantly respect and protect the environment. more »

三星閃爍 金沙流采 ─ 神秘的古蜀文明展覽

"Splendour and Mystery of Ancient Shu - Cultural Relics from Sanxingdui and Jinsha" Exhibition more »

French Alumni Association Dinner at CCC - 30 June 2007

This is the annual dinner of the FAA (French Alumni Association), this year's theme was to dress up like some character in movies. We dressed up like the characters in Crying out love in the centre of the world. more »

Dinner with Candy and Keith

The last time we all had dinner together was at their wedding. more »

Lunch with Nadine at Nobu

First time we met up after her wedding. more »

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