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Hiking and Dinner Sat 3 Nov 2007: Pokfulam Reservoir to The Peak, jointly organized by Cambridge University, U of Chicago and Wellesley College

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Pokfulam Reservoir to The Peak 薄扶林水塘 至 山頂

We had 60+ people turned up for the hike and around 45 people for the dinner!

Po Toi Island with French Alumni Association 28 Oct 2007

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16 people showed up and had a great time! Nice weather too!
Po Toi is southern-most island of Hong Kong, particularly noted for its massive, strange and fascinating rocks. We'll take the 11:30am ferry at Stanley; have lunch at Tai Wan after reaching Po Toi (and tasting its famous fish congee and seaweed soup would be a good idea). Besides visiting the Tin Hau Temple and the historical Mo's Old House巫氏廢宅, our adventurous journey would cover the Coffin Rock棺材石, Monk Rock, Buddha's Palm Cliff佛手巖and Rock Carving and the Tortoise Climbing up the Mountain 靈龜上山

Violet hill to Stanley

Though Irene and I cut short of the hike, we rejoined the group at Stanley for lunch :-)

Tai Long Wan Hiking 7 Oct 2007

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19 people turned up for the 7-hour hike in Sai Kung! Great exercise!!!

Report: Hiking Lady Clementi's Ride Sun 11 Feb 2007

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This is a trail that never goes up, hence you will be able to enjoy good scenery with minimal effort. We'll start our journey at Police Museum. The historical Lady Clementi's Ride passes through Aberdeen Upper and Lower Reservoirs. The shaded trail terminates at Aberdeen town.

18 people turned up on a very nice cool day for a short hike, beautiful view of the reservoirs. We had afternoon tea afterwards in Aberdeen.

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