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Be with you - Ima, ai ni yukimasu

Be With You (Ima, Ai ni Yukimasu) - DTS (buy from Amazon) Japanese 2004 Director: Nobuhiro Doi My rating: 4 Key actors/actresses: Yuko Takeuchi ... Mio Shido Nakamura ... Takumi Akashi Takei ... Yuji Story: Takumi lives with his 6-year o… more »

Dis-moi oui

Dis-moi oui (buy from Amazon) French 1995 Director: Alexandre Arcady My rating: 4 Key actors/actresses: Jean-Hugues Anglade ... St?phane Julia Maraval ... Eva Nadia Far?s ... Florence Claude Rich ... Professeur Villiers Val?rie Kapris… more »

Crying out love in the centre of the world - TV drama

Japanese 2004 Director: Isao Yukisada My rating: 5 Key actors/actresses: Takao Osawa ... Sakutaro Matsumoto Kou Shibasaki ... Ritsuko Fujimura Masami Nagasawa ... Aki Hirose Mirai Moriyama ... Sakutaro Matsumoto (High School) Tsutomu Y… more »

Le Papillon

Le Papillon (Original French Version) (buy from Amazon) French 2002 Director: Philippe Muyl My rating: 4 Key actors/actresses: Michel Serrault .... Julien Claire Bouanich .... Elsa Nade Dieu .... Elsa's Mother Story: Julien is a retired o… more »

The smartest guy in the room

Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room (buy from Amazon) This is a documentary on the story of Enron, how the company has once risen to the 5th largest company in USA and then fell to become one of the biggest corporate scandals in history. Greed and ar… more »

Before Sunset

Before Sunset (buy from Amazon) Type: Romantic, USA 2004 Director: Richard Linklater My rating: 5 Key actors/actresses: Ethan Hawke - Jesse Julie Delpy - Celine Story: This is the sequel to the romantic movie "Before Sunrise" where Jesse, an Ame… more »

Before Sunrise

Before Sunrise (buy from Amazon)Type: Romantic, USA 1995 Director: Richard Linklater My rating: 5 Key actors/actresses: Ethan Hawke - Jesse Julie Delpy - Celine Story: Jesse is an American student who lives in Texas, he is on a vacation in Europe… more »

Bungee jumping of their own 情约笨猪跳

Type: Drama, South Korea 2001 Director: Dae-seung Kim My rating: 3 Key actors/actresses: Byung-hun Lee 李秉憲 .... Seo, In-woo Eun-ju Lee 李恩宙 .... In, Tae-hee Hyeon-Soo Yeo .... Lim, Hyeon-bin Su-hyeon Hong… more »

Se souvenir des belles choses (Beautiful Memories)

Se Souvenir Des Belles Choses/Beautiful Memories (buy from Amazon) Type: Romantic, France 2002 Director: Zabou Breitman My rating: 4 Key actors/actresses: Isabelle Carr? .... Claire Poussin Bernard Campan .... Philippe Bernard Le Coq .... Prof. C… more »

Stranger of mine

Type: Drama, Comedy, Japan 2005 Director: Kenji Uchida My rating: 4 Key actors/actresses: Yasuhi Nakamura .... Takeshi Miyata Reika Kirishima .... Maki Kuwata S? Yamanaka .... Yusuke Kanda Yuka Itaya .... Ayumi Kurata Kisuke Yamashita .… more »

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