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Crying out love in the centre of the world 在世界中心呼喚愛

My review:
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From the team that brought you Love letter, another great movie. Very good story and acting. This is an adopted version of the best-seller book in Japan. Highly recommended, one of the most touching stories that I have watched. Made out of the best-seller book in Japan of the same name.

I often asked myself when was the last movie that touched me so much to point of crying. This is certainly one of the movies that I will always remember.

Love of the purest is always sweetest and unforgettable, especially with a sad separation by death and an unaccomplished wish. In the movie, Aki asked does love disappear after death, is that really the end of everything. To the people who are still alive, the love will carry on forever, their loves are always on their mind.

Many many touching scenes, I especially like the Aki playing piano in the hall scene. Not only the cleverly filmed cross over of the present Sakutaro and pass Sakutaro holding Aki tight in his arms, and I also like while still in the piano hall how Sakutaro talked on the cell phone to his friend to describe how he felt just now about Aki's presence and he still felt Aki as if she is alive.

As Lesile Cheung said in the movie Ashes of Time, if you have lost someone forever, someone who was once very very dear to you, the only thing you can do is to never forget...

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Comment from: dominicchan  

Replied by Doris. My rating:5

My review:
Well, I like this movie, but it’s not on ‘my favourite’ list.
It’s a good piece of work which contains most of those important elements - good story, acting, cinematography, music & even the chinese name of this movie has added some credits.
However, I don’t like 2 minor points. One is the story line between Sakutaro & his fiancee Ritsuko. It’s not meaningful to the core bitter-sweet love story between young Sakutaro & Aki, which is most touching for the audiences.
I was not shocked in knowing that Ritsuko was the little girl who always passed Sakutaro the cassette tape. However, Sakutaro seems has no reaction in knowing that too, & knowing even her leg was permanently damaged by the tragic accident during delivery.
Another scene which I don’t like is the ending. Don’t you think Sakutaro & Ritsuko should find out the place of that photo first before letting go of Aki’s ash? It’s Aki’s last wish to be free in “the centre of the world". I suppose they’re on the way there, they got off the car just due to car problem but then got the ‘ceremony’ done quickly. Am I right?
Anyway, it’s a good movie although I didn’t cry.
When one’s lover has been died, how the one being left should do? To survive sadly or to cherish that ‘being loved until the day he/she died.? I’m not fan of Titanic, but I really like Rose who could still live it real without Jack, & she’s never forgot what Jack had ever said until she died.

10/21/06 @ 19:03
Comment from: dominicchan  

Replied by irene. My rating:5

My review:
Sorry, I haven’t seen this movie and I put 5 because I find the story good and trust my friend’s comments. Just to respond to Doris last point of death, what we can do it to cherish and try to live well by ourselves. It’s hard to imagine without trying it by ourselves. But there must be some happy elements missing.

10/21/06 @ 19:04
Comment from: dominicchan  

Replied by Lillian. My rating:5

My review:
The movie is so great. I cried several times when I saw it. It was so touching and I like it very much. Thank you for your recommendation.
I also like the scene Aki playing piano in the hall. The music is wonderful. Sakutaro phoned his friends and cried; he said how could he forget Aki. I can feel the strong affection. I was deeply touched by the airport scene. Aki and Sakutaro planned to go to Australia but their flight was canceled because of typhoon. Sakutaro held Aki in his arms and cried:? Please save her!? I suddenly felt myself so lucky and I should treasure my love, cherish the day sharing with my lover. Hope all the lovers can live a happy life together.
I recommend this movie to all of my friends. It is a good movie worthwhile to appreciate.

10/21/06 @ 19:06