Leglessbird Newsletter Dec 2019

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Dear Family and Friends,

Dec 2019 (Click for larger image)

Happy New Year!

2019 is coming to an end and time seems to pass even faster than 2018. In 2019, to say Hong Kong went through some very turbulent time would be a serious understatement, it is unprecedented for our generation. We have been staying safe, and I wish my home city where Jin, Irene and myself were born will eventually emerge better and stronger. I wish those with a strong sense of duty (使命感) also at the same time possess true wisdom (智慧) , because only wisdom can lead us to light, hatred will lead to a very dark path of no return.

We moved in March 2018 to Tai Po, the rural part of Hong Kong, after months of adjustments both physically and mentally, we have settled down and we are loving it. The desire of living a secluded (隱居) life is stronger than ever. As I really wish I can 不問世事,與世無爭 (be carefree of world affairs and desire nothing from the world).

It is a blessing for Jin to be able to grow up in an environment where he can catch frogs, fish, shrimps and bugs; climb trees; feed farm animals; plant and pick rice, fruits, flowers and vegetables. I enjoy cycling and swimming with Jin right in our neighbourhood, I have not cycled much since I left Cambridge more than 20 years ago, Jin was so happy when he got his own bicycle and helmet. Jin is certainly having a very different childhood from Irene's and mine. In Oct, Jin kept a caterpillar at home for 2.5 weeks and it turned into a beautiful butterfly and flew away, our turtle probably enjoyed the companionship of the caterpillar too. Jin said his highlight of the year was to spend his 5th birthday in Tai Chung, Taiwan where we stayed in an isolated part of a mountain, went to a sheep farm, enjoyed a horse riding show and visited a paper church.

Major changes for me in 2019 (1) I started to drive on a regular basis in Lam Tsuen area (I didn't need to drive before in HK nor in UK); (2) I have stopped using Facebook since 6 Dec 2018 and it has been so great. Sure, I had enjoyed in the past posting events photos, family photos and also my 給晉晉的家書 "Home letters to Jin" as well as reading many updates from friends and family. But these benefits do not out-weight the wrongs that this platform is conducting behind our backs. I feel in some way, I have freed myself from social media to regain my precise time and sanity from being manipulated by some algorithms attempting to persuade me to buy things or to vote one way or another, or to lock myself into a cocoon of confirmation bias, though at the same time I wish I could continue to be someone who contributes positive energy into that very same platform. Again this reinforces the idea of living a secluded life not only offline but online also. For my friends who have been enjoying my "Home letters to Jin", I am still writing and as of the time of this newsletter, I have written 194 letters.

This year, I continued to travel and brought my various groups of CUHK students to Cambridge, 2 x Berlin and Silicon Valley, I enjoyed the companion as well as the lessons during these trips, and often incorporate new ideas into my own teaching and corporate training.We also enjoy leisure trips to Taiwan. Irene is glad to be travelling again!

I want to share a Mandarin song that Jin recently loves to sing (often with other kids):
「世上光」(Light of the world)
我是世上光, 純淨又明亮!(I'm the light of the world, pure and bright!)
像一枝小蠟燭, 在夜裡發光!(Like a little candle, shinging in the dark!)
要將黑暗世界照耀輝煌!(Gloriously light up the dark world!)
我是世上明光, 純淨明亮!(I'm the wise light of the world, pure and bright!)

With the current HK situation and looking at Jin singing this song with an innocent voice, Irene and I cannot hold back our tears. We must continue to move forward in 2020.

We wish you a healthy, happy and prosperous 2020! Please drop us a few lines to share how you are getting on!

Jin, Irene and Dominic

December 2019

The combination of teaching at CUHK, overseas study trips and outside practice of consulting projects as well as corporate training is keeping me happily occupied.

We welcome Vice-Chancellor Professor Stephen Toope visiting Hong Kong in April. In addition to visiting Cambridge in May, there had been a number of alumni events. and the Trinity College alumni group has become more active.

Favourite quotes this year
Courageous people do not fear forgiving, for the sake of peace - Nelson Mandela

Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities. - Voltaire

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. - Mark Twain

I took 4 different groups of students to Cambridge, 2 x Berlin and Silicon Valley, we visited Taiwan 4 times this year (5 for Irene).

These days I enjoy listening to audio book rather than reading books.I have subscribed to audio book club to listen to at least one book a month.
"Start with why", "David vs Goliath", "Time energy and talent", "Algorithm to live by", "Sapiens", "Why we sleep", "21 lessons for 21st century", "The selfish gene", "Conspiracies & Conspiracy Theories: What We Should and Shouldn't Believe - and Why". "You, your child and school", "Superforecasting: The Art and Science of Prediction"

炸雞特攻隊, "Official Secrets", 

Some photo highlights:

Atitude determins altitude

遇見巨人 ("I am strong, when I am on your shoulder. You raise me up: to more than I can be " - Lyric from the song "You raise me up!")

201908 Taiwan

Jin the painter

Eat your veg, Jin!

Happy Birthday Jin!

Leglessbird Newsletter Dec 2018

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Dear Family and Friends,

Dec 2018 (Click for larger image)

Happy New Year! Another year passes so quickly. It has been a very eventful year for us, for a start, we made a very bold MOVE (literally) - We moved from a building in Pokfulam, South of Hong Kong to a village house in Lam Tsuen, Tai Po. We now fully indulge in nature, being very close to a Waldorf school for Jin and CUHK where I work part-time since 2016. Moving to the country side is not without challenges, we managed to overcome them all and I'll start driving soon. Our life style has changed dramatically as a result: More meals at home, fewer visits to the "city", Jin enjoys picking fruits from trees, playing with shrimp and fish at a river in the neighbourhood, eating cheese cake at a cafe where he can climb trees, turning our roof top into his playground. We found a few farmers nearby to buy fresh vegetables.

I asked Irene what was her personal reflection of the year, she said she was surprised that she was in Hong Kong everyday this year.

I continue to enjoy writing "letters to Jin Jin" (給晉晉的家書). As of today, I have written 165 letters to Jin (since new year day 2015). I hope to find time to publish it as my 3rd book. Thank you to everyone who expressed how much you like these letters and those who provided valuable feedback, your words are very encouraging to me, especially those who came talking to me at various events.

Another big change of the year is that I have been contemplating to quit some of the social media platforms, namely, Facebook and Instagram, even though I am a very heavy user of social media and it has been a very useful medium to connect to friends and family, and express my thoughts. However, I detest the way it makes money by using our private data in such an abusive manner and constantly violating our privacy. I cannot be a willing accomplice in the crime against myself. I have decided to significantly reduce my time spent on these social media, I challenged myself to stop using Facebook and Instagram, and have not checked in since 6 Dec 2018. The day I stopped using it, I started to draw a list of friends who I want to see in person and can enjoy a coffee together. I would like to share this article to everyone who are thinking about abandoning some of the social networks - "The year social networks were no longer social " https://techcrunch.com/2018/12/23/the-year-social-networks-were-no-longer-social/

We wish you and your family a healthy, happy and prosperous 2019.

Jin, Irene and Dominic

Jin is now 4 years old, fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese. Growing up so fast and healthily. Teacher says he provides a lot of "entertainment" to the class (whatever that means!). Fire engine is still Jin's favourite, so is using Lego and other wooden building blocks to make his own structures/toys which shows a lot of creativity, especially the stories that he makes up while creating the structures. Reading books and/or telling stories every night before going to bed. He often turns himself into a cat which makes communicating with him a lot of fun. His ability to reason and making logical argument/ conclusion has surprised as well as amused us on numerous occasions. His career aspirations has changed from (1) A firefighter (2) An engineer (3) A Chef and (4) A pilot to (a) A scientist (b) An engineer (c) An archaeologist and (d) A Professor.


Jin was very happy to see his aunt Agnes (Canada) + uncle Richard, aunt Bibiana (Australia) and his cousin Janet (Canada) + Brain + Jin's little 2nd cousin (表外甥) baby Everett in Hong Kong and stayed with us. Jin's another cousin Jonathan becomes father in Dec, that makes Jin a 表叔 and me a 舅公 again. Jin also enjoys talking to Grandma (Canada) through video conference. 

In 2018, I have only done a few trips along with EMBA and MBA students to Taipei, Berlin, Cambridge and Beijing.

Entering 3rd year of teaching at the Business School of CUHK covering courses such as entrepreneurship, management consulting, venture investment, from startup to reality. I have taken one of the EMBA courses on I-ching (易經). To refresh as well as learn something new, I took a number of courses on the Coursera platform including Blockchain, "Machine Learning", Cryptography. I appreciate the learning opportunities from the 4 study trips with the EMBA and MBA groups covering social innovation, Industry 4.0, Hidden Champions, Stakeholder leadership and China Economy & Finance. It was fun making various public speaking including one on the topic of "To P[hD] or not to P[hD]", "Nurturing young children to speak multi-language", "Introduction of consulting industry" and "Entrepreneurship"

Consulting and angel investment
Due to my other commitments, I am doing less consulting engagements, typically conducting strategic planning meeting, and more corporate training and coaching. Innovation, entrepreneurship, strategic thinking and critical thinking are the most in demand topics. For Dark Horse angel investment, this year we sold back our shares in one of the companies to the founder and had an IPO for another.

We had numerous formal halls in Hong Kong, a Biennial dinner and Cambridge Campaign Event hosted by the Vice Chancellor of Cambridge. Established a Trinity in Hong Kong group; The visit in July included a surprise visit to the Trinity college clock tower.

Books I read/ am still reading: "Brief answers to the big questions", "AI Super-powers", "讀易經,通管理", "Mindfulness", "Parenting for a peaceful world", "Mistakes were me, but not by me", "Give and Take", "Misbehaving", "Thinking fast and slow", "The art of strategy", "How to raise an adult", "Black Swan", "The billionaire who wasn't".

Movies/ Shows that I enjoyed: "Black mirror"(Season 4), Bodyguard" (2018 netflix)

Favourite quotes heard in 2018 that I find inspiring: "It is not how well you can fight, it is what you fight for!" "別活得太舒服" (this one is a self-realization)

December 2018

HKUST 20180501

Jin's 4th Birthday 201808

Ginger Bread House 201812

Fireman Jin 201804

Starhill 201810

Starhill Walk 201810

CUHK 201812

Leglessbird Newsletter Dec 2017

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Dear Family and Friends,

On Jin's 3rd birthday (Click for larger image)

Happy New Year! Time flies when you're having fun. 2017 has been another good year for us. Hope this greeting finds you and your family well and that year 2017 has been kind to you.

Watching Jin growing up is the biggest highlight and blessing of 2017. There have been many enlightened moments for me in terms of parenting and principle finding, and I have put my realisations into my "letters to Jin" (給晉晉的家書). Writing to Jin about my values, my view of the world and his growing up is now my favourite hobby. The world in 2017 as we observed had taken so many wrong turns, events unfolding in Hong Kong are simply worrying, to say the least. At times like this, it is especially important for us to guard and defend our values. I can only hope things in the world in 2018 will be better.

2017 is the beginning of the boom of Artificial Intelligent, while we are enjoying the benefits of technology advancement that brings ever higher efficiency and effectiveness, we are losing the very precious human touch, my biggest concern is that the future generations without having what we experienced cannot even comprehend what is lost. I had engaging conversations with a new friend who is going to launch a global forum on world issues in Cambridge.

In order to be closer to nature and better education choices for Jin, we have decided to move to Tai Po in March 2018. You are most welcome to visit us.

We wish you and your family a healthy, happy and prosperous 2018.

Jin, Irene and Dominic

Jin is now 3 years old. He can speak Cantonese, Mandarin and English confidently and fluently, he is much more able than papa at the same age. I still find it rather amusing (and amazing) that I can have a proper conversation with this little guy. I am responsible for nurturing his Mandarin speaking ability, the methodology is known as "one parent one language". His current career aspirations include becoming (1) A firefighter (2) An engineer (3) A Chef and (4) A pilot. He has already been to 6 countries spanning 3 continents, again beating papa at the same age hands down! Some of Jin's favourite songs include "錫灑你","男兒當自強", "Canoe Song"

In 2017, I have done a fair bit of travelling for work: Myanmar, Israel, Taipei, Shenzhen and Shanghai, and for leisure: Cambridge, Phuket, Penang, and Kazakhstan,

This year, I think I have confirmed my ikigai*, namely, "Education and Training" / "Transforming others" (* ikigai = "What you love" + "What you are good at" + "What the world needs" + "What you can get paid")

On the education side: CUHK has been keeping me very busy, apparently, despite my part-time arrangement, I have exceeded the teaching load of full time academic. I do enjoy very much teaching various courses, in particular a new course on "Entrepreneurship", also "Management consulting" and "From idea to reality". Also launched a MOOC course titled "Doing business in China". I have also taken up a new challenge, that is to teach and supervise two groups of DBA students with HKMA.

On my private practice: I have been serving more clients than any previous years. I created a new programme on data analysis and decision making. Also enhanced many existing programmes, such as change management, strategic thinking, incorporated many new things that I learned during my trip to Tel Aviv University. And conducting strategic workshops for some clients.

Cambridge University:
In July, I had my last meeting as the board member of the Alumni Advisory Board, having served the maximum of 6 years. I have been returning to Cambridge at least once a year, I am glad that I will be there again in July, taking a group of EMBA students for a 1-week study tour.

As of today, , I have written 128 letters to Jin (since new year day 2015). I hope to share my views, my values and how we can make sense of this world with others through my letters to my son Jin. It is my wish that the letters will be published into a book. I hope together with many able and like-minded people we can somehow transform the world into a better place one step at a time. Quoting Jin's favouite song 男兒當自強:用我百點熱,耀出千分光!

Books I read/ am still reading: "Mistakes were me, but not by me", "Give and Take", "Nudge", "Misbehaving", "The invisible gorilla", "Thinking fast and slow", "The art of strategy", "How to raise an adult", "Black Swan", "The billionaire who wasn't". Movies that I enjoyed (wish I watched more): "Gifted", "Ghost in the shell"

Quotes heard in 2017 that I find inspiring: "I don't have to is the reason I do it", "Success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm", "腹有詩書氣自華", "世界是自己的,與他人毫無關係".


To come soon!

December 2017 (Follow us "@About.Me" Dominic Chan, Irene Sin)

Okinawa 201612-201701

Okinawa 201612-201701

Phuket 201708

Phuket 201708

Penang 201712

Leglessbird Newsletter Dec 2016

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Dear Family and Friends,

Happy New Year (Click for larger image)

Our travel book 夢想"侶"遊  (Dream Journey For 2) published in June 2014 (click to order

Hope this greeting finds you and your family well and that year 2016 has been kind to you. If "Time passes quickly when you're having fun!", then for the leglessbirds, 2016 has been a quick year. It's that time of the year to count our blessings and reflect on our lessons learned. We have included a summary of our 2016 below. For Irene and I, 2016 marks the 10th year into our journey of becoming our own boss as independent professional, there are no shortage of realisations. (Link to "10 years and another 10 years") The new year is just around the corner, we shall plan and prepare ourselves, and look forward to new excitements and challenges 2017 has in-store for us.

We wish you and your family a healthy, happy and prosperous 2017.

Jin, Irene and Dominic
Dec 2016

Summary of 2016

Jin Jin
In Sep, Jin started attending pre-school unaccompanied, he did cry a little at first, soon he likes the school very much where he is encouraged to explore and be creative. He can converse confidently in Cantonese, Mandarin and English; asking all sorts of funny questions; he enjoys eating, gardening, farming, fixing things (that don't need fixing), cooking and making drinks for papa/mama; observing and mimicking any sorts of worker in action. he loves running and climbing but often asks mama/papa to carry him. He can name all sorts of cars and enjoying making them with papa out of paper packages.

Jin has done a bit of travelling to meet papa's side of the family in Canada and Australia. Grandma in Ottawa was especially pleased to see Jin, and Jin was very excited to attend his cousin Janet's wedding in Toronto.

Enjoys taking care of Jin, learning about parenting, and plenty of family time. Although travelling excessively, family reunions are always time well spent, including seeing my mother (Dec 2015) and celebrating her mother's 81st birthday (March), attending niece's wedding in Canada (Sep) and visiting sister in Australia (Dec 2015). I was also glad to have visited Cambridge twice in July as board member of University of Cambridge Alumni Advisory Board member and professor/group leader for CUHK EMBA Cambridge study tour. While I would like to reduce my travel, I do look forward to at least two EMBA study trips in 2017, revisiting Myanmar and Israel.

In addition to taking care of Jin, one of my favourite activities is writing 給晉晉的家書 (Home letters to Jin Jin), since 1 Jan 2015, I have written 70 letters to Jin, I hope to pass on my values through these letters with examples spanning from Jin's and Papa's encounters, local affairs to world affairs.

Irene and I also kept some much needed Jin-free time to enjoy ourselves as a couple and took some short holidays, I am sure other parents would understand and appreciate this. On Irene's suggestion, I started practising yoga and liked it very much, we often attend the classes together. "It's so good that your husband practices yoga with you" was the most common comments received, I wonder why it is not the other way round...

The biggest change for me in 2016 is joining the Business School of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) as an Associate Professor, and the Associate Director of EMBA Programme, spending more time in education while maintaining some consultancy as well as corporate training work. My main teaching duty at CUHK includes a course on consulting (MBA), "From idea to reality" (MSc), "Entrepreneurship in China as part of Doing business in China" (MOOC, Coursera platform), Anatomy of Entrepreneurs (Undergraduates Minor).

The books that I enjoy reading in 2016 include "Give and Take", "Thinking Fast and Slow", "Mistakes were made - but not by me", "The rule of law", "How to raise an adult", "Black Swan". For TV and movies: West World, The man who knew infinity, Star Wars (The force awaken), 45 years, Right between your ears, Planet Earth II, The Mask you live in, Mis-representation, Who should we invade next.

Jin is growing up fast, taking care of him requires Irene to constantly adjusting many aspects of her life. Here are the goals that she set for herself.
- transform myself, connect more with nature
- relationship with family, more fun and love
- hope to take care of Jin different from the conventional way, considering home school or not
- farm to supply some of the veggies to my family
- cook more together as family
- exercise to build up core and muscle strengths. Each week: 1 to 2 hr yoga, 1 fitness coach session, 3 hikes in Chi Fu trails
- meditation everyday: familiar with pointing finger exercise, heart centre meditation

Per month: cycle, countryside travel

December 2016 (Follow us "@About.Me" Dominic Chan, Irene Sin)

Leglessbird Newsletter Dec 2015

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Dear Family and Friends,

Happy New Year (Click for larger image)

Our travel book 夢想"侶"遊  (Dream Journey For 2) published in June 2014 (click to order)

Greetings! Hope this sharing finds you and your family well.

Time passes so quickly, especially when you are watching your young baby growing up. In January 2015, Jin was still feeling excited about simply able to roll over while laying on his back, now he is able to walk the stairs unaided and even run. He has since outgrown his baby crib and moved into a much bigger "bed" for his size. We are glad that we have been there at every little milestones he passes: smiling, rolling over, crawling, standing, walking, saying "papa", "mama", mimicking our sounds and actions, drinking from a straw, feeding himself, first playgroup visit, first overseas trip and more. Glad to say that we are very much into our new roles without much issues. We have Irene's parents to thank and also our new helper who arrived in March, we cannot imagine how we will survive without them. We have been taking advantages of working from home since 2006, it would have been impossible to continue to do so with a baby in the same flat. We are fortunate to have a home-office flat and a family flat that are just a staircase away and within 30 seconds from each other.

One of Dominic's 2015 achievements is that he started writing "給晉晉的家書" "Home letters to Jin" since 1 Jan 2015. He certainly enjoys writing them, sharing his views of life, current affairs, the world and little stories around Jin's world, and more importantly, communicating his values to Jin. Although Jin is a bit young to be able to read them yet, but we hope someday he will appreciate this is the best gift from us! Our friends seem to enjoy reading these letters too! Some have even caught on the idea of writing to their kid(s), others like to show these letters to their kid(s). One of the best/ funniest comments received from a friend, while he loves the letters, he said he wouldn't be able to write such open and "肉麻" (translation: corny) letter to his own son. :-) Dominic hopes to publish these letters as a book in the future.

While Dominic made a number of appearances on TV this year, he never thought he would be on a weekday's afternoon live show targeting mainly housewives, and actually being interviewed together with a famous alumna, such is fate.

Work-wise, Dominic has been busier than ever, apart from consulting, he is engaging in more corporate trainings, and more involvement in technology startups and angel investments, mainly through CUHK, PolyU, Science Park and Cyberport. In May, he made a very interesting trip to Israel to visit startups, VC, Co-working spaces, angel conference and government officials. In Oct, the Google CUHK EYE Programme brought him to Taipei together with 10 startup teams. He also seems to be more involved on the education front: teaching a Bachelor course in Entrepreneurship, Masters course in Leadership, and next year an elective for EMBA and another business course.

From the time of expecting Jin to Jin's arrival, we inevitably spent less time travelling. Nonetheless, between us we will make a total of 7 short trips in 2015 (including destinations like USA, Israel, Canada and Australia), and we postponed and cancelled a trip. Jin enjoyed his first aeroplane experience in June, he loved teasing the air hostresses. We are brave enough to be bringing him to Sydney for a hot December week! In December last year (2014), Dominic was saying how we have always travelled somewhere during December since we first got together, and 2014 we took a break of that tradition because Jin was only 4-months old, but the travel bug has bitten us once again, so Australia, here we go!

On the Cambridge front, Dominic enjoys co-running events such as formal halls, mentorship programme, and the biennial dinner celebrating upcoming 35th anniversary of The Friends of Cambridge University in Hong Kong and Prince Philip Scholarship (Founded by Dr David Li in 1981).

Please drop us a few lines when you have time, we would like to hear how you are getting on.

We wish you and your family happiness, good health and a prosperous year ahead!


Jin, Irene and Dominic

December 2015 (Follow us "@About.Me" Dominic Chan, Irene Sin)

Leglessbird Newsletter Dec 2014

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Dear Family and Friends,

Happy New Year (Click for larger image)

Meet Jin, our first child
Our travel book 夢想"侶"遊  (Dream Journey For 2) published in June 2014 (click to order)

2014 has been the most exciting year (yet) for the Leglessbirds,  we welcome a new addition to the family, our son Jin was born in August 2014. We finally published our travel book in June. Also we bought a second flat anitcipating an expanding family. We celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary in July, and we couldn't ask for a better gift than "Jin". 

We have always maintained a free and caring lifestyle, we enjoy our freedom in terms of time, location and spirit. We seem to have surprised many of our friends because during the past 24 months,  we bought two flats and decided it was time to have a baby. Life certainly won't be the same again, we now enjoy very much spending our time at home with Jin. We are blessed with a healthy and happy child. We are constantly thinking how we can continue to explore the world and bring Jin with us.  

We published our travel book 夢想"侶"遊(Dream Journey For 2)  in June,  it was really great to see so many friends at the book launch party. Dominic is already working on his third book.

Since our Leglessbird Sharing 2013, we have only travelled to South Korea, South Africa, Macau, Singapore and UK as we were expecting our baby. 

To earn some money for baby's diaper, formula, clothes, toys and future education (because we already spent all his education fund on our exotic trips, it is called SKI Spending Kids Inheritance. So happy skiing, parents! ) , Dominic continues to work hard on business consulting projects, corporate training and also various programmes related to entrepreneurship with CUHK, PolyU, Hong Kong Science and Technology Park, Cyberport and Hong Kong Design Centre.

During 2014, Dominic is reading Full Spectrum Dominance, Nudge, The invisible gorilla, How to think like a freak,  The Art of Strategy, Thinking fast and slow,  and of course plenty of parenting books  Dominic made a number of appearance on a TV show "I am Boss",  he was covered in the press as the acting centre manager of Pre-incubation centre of CUHK, and spoke at various conferences.

Jin is enjoying his first Christmas while Irene and Dominic enjoys their first Christmas in Hong Kong since they became a couple in 1999. 

(Irene's update to come soon...watch this space)

Please drop us a few lines when you have time, we would like to hear how you are getting on. We wish you and your family happiness, good health and a prosperous year ahead!


Jin, Irene and Dominic

December 2014 (Follow us "@About.Me" Dominic Chan, Irene Sin)





Travel (Dec 2013 - Dec 2014) For list of albums, click here

Cambridge, UK




South Africa

Cape Town, Johannesberg, etc

Seoul, South Korea


Cambridge related (Dec 2013 - Dec 2014) For list of albums, click here

20140104 Class 1988 Reunion
20140104 Class 1988 Reunion"
20140319 Cambridge Formal Hall at Agnes b
20140319 Cambridge Formal Hall at Agnes b

20140410 Vice Chancellor's Dinner Reception

20141217 Cambridge Christmas Hall


Prince Philip Scholarship Award

20140410 Vice Chancellor's Afternoon Reception

Mentorship Programme 2014

Other Fun Events 

20140531 Party at Ho Sir's Studio

20140622 Book Launch Event

10th Wedding Anniversary
20141123 FAA Picnic

20141213 Jin's 100 day party
20140307 My Birthday Dinner

Public engagements

TV Show "I am Boss"

Internet Society Startup Lab Sharing 

20140217 ICT Award Judge Panel

20140223 EYE Google Programme

20140302 EYE Google Programme

20140407 ICT Awards and Dinner

20140410 IT FEST Internet, the next big thing

20140423 Asia Innovation Forum

Ask me anything

20140510 Macau JCI talk

20140614 Charity Dinner

20140704 EYE program phase 2

20140820 JA Asia Pacific Fedex Express Int'l Trade Challenge
20141011 Wow-X Judge
20141017 Lions Club Host and Kowloon joint dinner
Pi Centre Interview


Leglessbird Newsletter Dec 2013

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Dear Family and Friends,

End of Year Party at China Club

2013 has passed by so quickly, we almost wish time can slow down. We bought a flat last Oct and finally moved in the new place in Feb, thanks to a dear friend who did the interior design as well as project managed the process of a total overhaul of the place, as a result, we had a completely trouble-free renovation experience (something almost unheard of in Hong Kong or elsewhere).  We are enjoying the new flat very much. 

Dominic has found himself drawn more and more towards reading books on life philosophy, titles like Justice (what's the right thing to do) ; What money can't buy (what money shouldn't buy) ; The Grand Design; How will you measure your life ; how much is enough (to live a good life);  and Many lives many masters. Combined with what he learned from Harmonious Life and Life Academy, he becomes more and more philosophical about life and behavour! 

This year, Dominic got more involved in the entrepreneurship scene in Hong Kong, more engagement with the Centre for Entrepreneurship of Chinese University Hong Kong (CUHK) providing training, consulting services,  as a judge on some overseas competition, as well as screening committee on incubation programme and startups.  He was involved in a number of consulting projects including strategy for insuranace company and FMCG in China. also did a number of corporate training on creative problem solving, decision making, project management, risk management.

Irene is finding it harder to balance work and leisure and she is feeling bad that her time spent with her friends has significantly reduced this year. There are many lunches that she is just lazy to plan ahead and ending up eating alone. However there are still many blessings to count:

- insist painting even she is already exhausted after work and completed 3 paintings
- still able to travel to interesting places with excitement and her parents are travelling more than her
- her brother and his wife are expecting a baby, so her title will be "upgraded" soon
- launched a mentorship programme for University of Warwick undergraduates this summer with a few buddies
- have a few more knowledgeable colleagues whom she could work closely and share openly, thus quality services is enhanced. her team is expanding :)
she look forward to next year and wish to have a reliable personal assistant taking up administration, so she could go out to have lunch with her friends.
Bjelasnica Bosnian Mountains, Bosnia,

This year we have kept ourselves overly busy that we only visited our favourite organic farm once in 2013 :-(. That has not stopped us from visiting some interesting places, since Dec 2012, we went to  Ecuador (incl. Galapagos Islands), Peru (incl. Machu Pichu, Amazon jungle); Chiang Mai (Three and a half day fasting surviving on drinking clear vegetable soup and juice only.), Bangkok; Bhutan (we joined our first Hong Kong private group to Bhutan不丹 and had a great time in this happiest country in the world.); UK/Croatia/Bonsia; Seoul. This Dec/Jan, we will be going to South Africa and we'll share with you our photos in Jan 2014. Finally, after much delayed, our travel book is really going to be published in Jan 2014.



Please drop us a few lines when you have time, we would like to hear how you are getting on. We wish you and your family happiness, good health and a prosperous year ahead!


Irene and Dominic

December 2013 (Follow us "@About.Me" Dominic Chan, Irene Sin)

Travel (Dec 2012 - Dec 2013) For list of albums, click here

Ecuador (Galapagos Islands)

Peru (Machu Pichu)

The Netherlands (Amsterdam)

Chiang Mai (Detox Centre)

Thailand (Bangkok)


Thailand (Bangkok)



UK (Cambridge)

South Korea (Seoul)

Irene's paintings 2013




Cambridge related (Dec 2012 - Dec 2013) For list of albums, click here

"Cambridge: Treasure Island in the Fens"

Prince Philip Scholarship Award Ceremony

Trinity College Master Sir Gregory Winter

Biennial Dinner

VC & Heads of college Reception

Judge Business School talk

Mentorship programs

Formal Hall in HK

JBS Dr Simon Taylor's talk


Organic Farm

Harmonious Life Training

French Alumni Association Xmas Party

Public engagements

HKEJ Forum

Cocoon Pitch Night Final 

Cocoon Pitch Night

Cocoon CASE conference

Social Venture Competition Asia (Seoul)

Travel talk on Bhutan

Talk on travel and social responsibilities at Happy Valley Rotary Club

TVB 新聞透視 - 創業夢


Global Entrepreneurship Week China

Entrepreneurship Talk at British Council


Leglessbird sharing Dec 2012

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Dear Family and Friends,

Organic Farm

Time really flies, another 12 months have passed too quickly. So much is going on that we couldn't keep up with writing biannual update, we are going to stick with just one Leglessbird sharing a year. So in the last 12 months:

We finally did something that we thought was not very leglessbird-like, we bought a flat after careful considerations. We discussed with a number of wise learned friends, We think it is the right decision given our future plans, being property market neutral, having a place that we can truely call "nest", though the price now is not low but the market is of less speculative nature. We believe it won't affect our financial flexibility and sense of freedom that we always treasure very much. Rennovation work is now underway which is quite fun(!??). (Irene: the funniest part is to work with a designer friend and sometimes he rejects our ideas. It's truely a blessing to have him to look after the renovation. The worst part is to have visited 60+ units in 6+ different areas by myself before finding a home where we'd like to live in and it is in fact where we are currently in).

Beach Wedding

We attended a number of weddings as well as funerals, such is life. I spoke at a young couple's wedding (as an elderly brother figure and ex-boss) on marriage, to summaries my speech in one sentence, "Bring the best out of each other!". We went to a funeral to pay respect to someone whom we have not actually met, it was important to us to be there with our dear friend at his father's funeral.

The organic farm in Lantau is still our favourite getaway place, we have brought many friends to enjoy nature and the produce from the farm. We continue to practice qi-gong but not persistent enough :-p

Last year, we attended the "Harmony Life" training, this year, a mentor recommended to us "Life Academy", I have completed their level 1 course - "Power of Change" and have found it very inspiring, I will be a volunteer and hope we can bring more positive energy/thoughts to others.

On the work side, we have both been very busy. (Irene: the increasing workload finally made us to recruit our first personal asisstant for sustainable personal and business growth, it's a new learning for us to look after someone as a team member. I gain more strength when my working buddies and partners went from 5 to 17 in 2012. I truely appreciate our group effort in perfecting our quality of work and services). I have been serving a number of consulting clients, conducting corporate trainings, speaking at conferences, adjudicating in a number of competitions and taking university students to Texas and Shanghai competing in business challenges.

Catching King Crab

With our work committment we are unable to travel as much. In the last 12 months, we went to Malaysia, UK, Norway, USA, Canada, Korea, Taiwan and Shanghai (China) (Irene: I was there spiritally for half of these trips). The Norway trip in April visiting the northern remote part was one of the best journeys yet. This Dec/Jan, we will be going to Amsterdam, Galapagos Islands (Ecuador), Machu Picchu (Peru), Amazon (Peru) and we'll share with you our photos in Jan 2013. Our travel book is scheduled to publish in Q1 2013!

Please drop us a few lines when you have time, we would like to hear how you are getting on.

We wish you and your family happiness, good health and a prosperous year ahead!

Irene and Dominic

December 2012

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Travel (Dec 2011 - Nov 2012) For list of albums, click here


S Korea







Kuala Lumpur


Cambridge related (Dec 2011 - Nov 2012) For list of albums, click here

Trinity College Dinner - Nov

Cambridge admission talk

Prince Philip Scholarship

Boat Trip

CU Chinese Society dinner

Reflection Conference

Mentorship programs

Formal Hall in HK (Aug)

Vice Chancellor

Formal Hall in HK (Feb)

Cambridge Visit

Alumni in Malaysia

Trinity College Dinner - Apr

To be processed CJBS EMBA HK visit, Cambridge lecture day in Hong Kong, Global alumni conference.

Organic Farm

28 Oct

01 Oct

15 July

22 Apr

12 Feb


Public engagements

New Era New Entrepreneurs conference

Kairos Society Dinner

HKU Entrepreneurship Academy

HK Sustainability Jam

Innoasia Conference

Lions Club Lingnan University Career Forum

Talk on Antarctica

Asian Innovation Award


Leglessbird sharing Dec 2011

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Dear Family and Friends,

Monet Garden, France

We hope "all izz well" with you, 2011 has been another blessed year for us. We would like to share with you what has been keeping us active since our "Leglessbird sharing 2010" (2009, 2008, 2007, 2006).

Frequent travel is getting harder with our increasingly "non-flexible" work-load, we insist on maintaining the "Leglessbird" spirit and visited India, Cuba, Mexico, Bangkok, Shantou, Singapore, France, UK and Malta. While Dominic also taught or coached in various cities in China. The trips to India, Cuba and Mexico are most eye-opening and exciting! The wonderful family trip with mum, sister and nephew in Europe united family members from 4 continents. We'll be spending Christmas and New Year in Malaysia.

We have attended a multi-weekend awakening course called "Harmonious Life" 和谐生命 that aims to enhance our relationship with friends and family, bring out our potential, maintain our well beings of body and mind, and deal with, if any, difficult issues in life. We found it very enlightening and we experienced many moments of realization. (e.g. 一個小顿悟,一個心結的解開...A moment of realization)

The organic farm in Lantau island is our favourite getaway place, we are not going there nearly enough because we are learning qigong 氣功和推手 on the weekends, something we picked up since end of 2010, we are experiencing some progress.

Dominic's highlight

Business: Worked on a number of exciting strategic consulting projects (Decisive Consulting), and conducted more corporate training, and lecturing in universities, spoke at seminars and business associations. Made new and subsequent rounds of angel investment through Dark Horse Investment in promising technology startups. Became a founding screening committee of the newly established HK Business Angels Network (HKBAN) and Honourary Project Director of Centre for Entrepreneurship (CUHK). Writing his second book (on travelling)!
Graduate University CAS, BJ
Cambridge University: Among many alumni events, organized the biennial dinner of The Friends of Cambridge University in Hong Kong (Jan), ran Mentorship Program (Jul-Aug), as the guest of honour at the CUCS HK dinner (Aug), and spoke at a lunch seminar at Judge Business School (Oct) in Cambridge! Helped organizing the Trinity event in HK in Dec.
Cambridge CUCS HK Dinner
Helping in Made-A-Difference (MAD) award as one of the judges, participate as a mentor to the HKUST 2012 Entrepreneurship Competition. Continuing the role of the Honourary Secretary of the Lions Club of Metropolitan Hong Kong. Spreading the social responsibility message through his talk titled "Reflecting on our social responsibility during world travel 從遊歷世界思考社會責任"
Metropolitan Lions Club

Irene's highlight


Cocoa Fruit, Cuba
  • Feel most blessed to work with my friends, care for them and their families with support from my work buddies. Something to look forward to :)
  • Touched and tasted the fruit of cocoa in Cuba. Chocolate is one of my favourite snacks.
  • Sleeping quality greatly improved, hence my overall energy level after applying my learnings from several teachers and classmates.
  • Apart from precious family time in Europe, I also visited my classmates and ex-colleagues. I really miss them and many things in the UK and France.

Not so happy
Sadden by the passing away of a friend only in her 30s, it makes me feel that I have reached the stage where life cannot be taken for granted, treasure everything we have including friendship.

Wishes for 2012

  • More time at home and rest
  • To focus on several important things

We wish you and your family good health and a prosperous year ahead!

Irene and Dominic

December 2011
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Full Account of 2011


Taj Mahal

201012 India: 2.5 week trip visiting 10 cities in India, I particularly like Taj Mahal in Agra.
201101 Suzhou: Teaching a master module on e-commerce at PolyU/Xian Jiaotong University Joint College
201101 Shenzhen, we spent a number of weekends here for the Harmonious Life course
Feb/Mar 2011 Cuba, Mexico: An eye-opening trip to Cuba, one of the last true communist countries in the world and still ruled by its revolution leader. Also amazed by the rich ancient culture of Mexico.
201103-04 Bangkok, Thailand: A relaxing trip to refresh ourselves, also hang out with the teacher of the Harmonious Life course
201105 Shantou, China, Asia 汕頭: A fellowship trip of the Metropolitan Lions Club
201109 Singapore: Attending a Cambridge alumnus wedding
201109 Beijing: Teaching at Graduate University China Academy of Science (GUCAS)
201110-11 France, UK, Malta: Family reunion, visit my University & new adventures
201112 Malaysia: Christmas trip







Public Speaking:
Mar 2011 HKU, Entrepreneurship Academy: "Bootstrapping your business"
Mar 2011 CUHK Centre of Entrepreneurship Webinar series "Be your own boss! Yes you can! But are you ready? "
Apr 2011 HKUST: "Be your own boss"
May HKU SPACE, Social Welfare, Social Enterprise management
July 2011 Bayview SunShine Rotary Club, Travel sharing on "Antarctica"
July 2011 Croucher Foundation new scholars send-off dinner: sharing stories of my PhD days
Aug 2011 Cyberport, Micro Fund Shenzhen Hong Kong Entrepreneur Competition, Training program: "Business plan writing , Market/Financial analysis, Negotiation"
Aug 2011 Savantas Liberal Art Academy: "My Cambridge Days"
Aug 2011 Social Camp: Think Big, Act Big!: "Reflecting on our social responsibilities during world travel"
Nov 2011 Rotary Club Central: "Reflecting on our social responsibilities during world travel"
Dec 2011 Hong Kong IT Alliance, Federation of Hong Kong Industries: "Be your own boss"!

HKUST Be your own boss

HKU Entrepreneurship Academy

Savantas Liberal Art Academy

Social Camp:
Think Big, Act Big!

Rotary Club Central

Cyberport Young Entrepreneur Program Summer Camp

Lions Club:
15th Anniversary dinner
Lions Club Luncheon: Mr Bernard Chan, Prof David Faure, Mr Michael Ng, Dr Roy Chung, Ms Agnes Wu
Corporate Training:
Various Training: Trusted advisor, Negotiation, Media handling,  Problem Solving, Project Management
CUHK/HAB: Social Enterprise Practical Training
HKU SPACE/HAB: Social Enterprise Management Training

Jan 2011: Biennial dinner, Guest of honour Mr Anthony Bolton
Mar 2011: PolyU + Cambridge alumni Entrepreneurship seminar
Apr 2011: Vice Chancellor's Visit
May 2011: Judge Business School seminar
July-Aug 2011: Mentorship Program
Aug 2011: HKCAS Reflection Conference
Aug 2011: CUCS dinner, HKCAS freshers dinner, Formal Hall, Prince Philip Scholarship Ceremony, 30th Anniversary of The Friends of Cambridge University in Hong Kong
Oct 2011: Lunch Seminar at Judge Business School
Dec 2011: Trinity College Event, Shenzhen Cambridge Event

Biennial Dinner Prince Philip Scholarship HK Formal hall Trinity College Event
Cambridge CUCS HK Dinner PolyU + Cambridge alumni Entrepreneurship Mentorship Program Halloween St Catz

Movie recommendation: 3 idiots (India 2009)

一個小顿悟,一個心結的解開...A moment of realization

最近參加了一個關於心靈健康的培訓課程, 在過程中我得到了一些顿悟。 這要從小時候的一件事情開始說起, 是一件童年的陰影...

記得我還是一個小孩子的時候, 我在我家樓下的超級市場滿心歡喜地準備買糖果, 到了糖果貨物架時, 發現地上有一堆自貨物架上掉下來的糖果, 我沒有理會, 只顧往貨架上拿東西, 可是站立在旁邊的一對成年男女却誤會了, 以為是我把物件弄翻了, 男的還開口罵我, 我說這不是我弄的, 我才剛到, 對方竟然說明明看到我把糖果弄得一地都是還要抵賴, 當時我心裡有百般鬱結無法與這不明真相的大人爭論, 悶悶不樂地, 心愛的糖果也沒有拿便氣沖沖的回家去了。 被冤枉的感受是非常難過的, 這件事情在我心裡留下了一個深深的記印, 不能磨滅, 直到成長後也未能忘懷。 每次回想起這事情心裡總是納悶的, 有時候會幻想一下如何跟那位男士理論一番, 以還我清白, 又有時候會希望那超級市場裝設了閉路電視, 看了錄影片段便真相大白, 還我公道。

可是這已經是不可能的事, 時光不能逆轉, 我已無法平反這事,我是這般想的...

在這個心靈的培訓課程中, 我列舉了這件事情為其中一件對我心靈上有影響的回憶,在回答問題的時候, 有一題問到這件事情對我的正面影響是甚麼?我不曾以這個角度來理解這事情, 我思考了好一會兒,忽然想到可能這事件發生後,我變得做事非常謹慎和仔細,沒有含糊的地方,不容易會被別人誤會。


July 2011

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