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What does Leglessbird mean?

Leglessbird means a bird with no leg

"我聽人講呢個世界有種雀仔冇腳嘅,佢只可以一直咁飛呀飛,飛到攰嗰陣就喺風入面瞓覺,呢種雀仔一世只可以落地一次,嗰次就係佢死嘅時候。" ("There is a type of bird that has no leg, it must keep flying and flying, when it is tired it sleeps in the wind. It only lands once that's the day it dies.") - Leslie Cheung ( 張國榮 ) in a Wong Kar Wai( 王家衛 ) movie called "Days of being wild " ( 阿飛正傳 ).

I quite like the idea of keep flying and flying to see what's out there in the world, "never stop" being fascinated about new things, make everyday count!

Leglessbird is about "never ending" pursue of healthy balanced lifestyle. Leglessbird is a platform for the other "Leglessbirds" out there who agree with the principles below to meet each other to share their experience, joy and fascination of life. In doing so, we hope to inspire more people to pursue the same lifestyle.

Value Health, Experience Life,
Pursue Knowledge, Help & Inspire others

- Dominic Chan