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20110606 Organic Farm

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20101205 Organic Farm

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20100926 Farm Visit

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Hiking: Dragon's Back to Shek O, 12 April 2008

We had a good cool hike at Dragon's Back in heavy fog. So we all got very wet. We then took a bus to Shek O to have dinner. more »

Hiking: Sam A Villiage, 30 March 2008 organized by Biliba

Nice hike organized by Biliba. Ten people turned up on a nice day for hiking. Descrption: We will take a taxi from Tai Po Market to Wu Gao Teng Village (烏蛟騰 ) and start hiking there. It is a two-hour scenic (but no shade and will b… more »

Hiking: Tai Tam Reservoir 9 March 2008

We had over 40 people attended the hike and we had to change to an alternative route and then took the bus to Stanley for dinner at a restaurant called Saigon. more »

Leglessbird hiking - Peng Chau 2 Dec 2007

Click here for more photos! A nice short hike in Peng Chau and not so well known island of Hong Kong that is interesting in its own right. Nice and quiet, with ferries connecting to Central and Discovery Bay more »

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