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20110606 Organic Farm

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Organic Farm Visit 2-3 July 2010

Dear friends,

We are going to stay overnight in the farm on Jul 2, if you would like to visit us, you can come on Jul 3 Sat.

price: $150 per head for a day visit incl. meals and boat ride from Cheung Chau to the farm.

Sat 3 Jul 2010
Fast ferry from central 0900 or 1000 to Cheung Chau
From cheung chau pier 0940 or 1040 and arrive the farm 1000 or 1100

Returning to Hong Kong island
Leave the farm 1530 or 1630 or 1730, arrive Central 1630 or 1730 or 1830

Please note that it can be a little bit bumpy during the ferry + boat ride. there may be other friends coming to visit the farm on Jul 3.

For meeting your own schdule, the boat ride is $80 per trip and the boat can fill 8 people. A meal there, around $50 per head.

We went there to plant the rice field in Apr, we are going to 割禾 on Jul 3.

There are many activities suitable for children, such as seeing 螢火蟲 at night. You can draw / take photos / go fishing / do water sport, war games etc, see the environment from this link

Latest harvest and guest room photos

Activities and price range:
July 18 day tour
if you wanna ask questions, pls call
+85293508664 - Mobile
+85229892315 - Work

Po Toi Island 17 Oct 2009

A giant turtle climbing up the mountain to hear the wise words from a monk.

The Buddha's palm

A giant snail

Hiking Sai Kung West Country Park - Sat 25 April 2009 1pm

Sai Kung West Country Park 西貢郊野公園
Date: Sat 25 April 2009
Meeting time: 1pm (come after your lunch)
Meeting Point: Bus stop for 96R at Diamond Hill MTR station
Difficulty: 2 out of 5 (5=hard)
Time: 4 hour hiking time
Please be on time: We don't wait for late comer!
Please bring: snacks, water (1.5 - 2 litres), sun-screen, hat/umbrella, torch

Please reply Email by Fri 24 April 2009

特 色 : 「 榕 北 走 廊 」 是 貫 通 西 貢 「 北 潭 涌 」 及 「 榕 樹 澳 」 的 一 條 小 徑 。 終 點 為 「 水 浪 窩 」 。 此 路 線 輕 鬆 易 行, 全 程 在 山 谷 中 進 行 , 途 中 會 經 過 荒 置 了 的 梯 田 , 亦 要 穿 過 茂 密 的 樹 林 , 接 著 在 清澈 的 溪 澗 大 休 。 尾 段 從 山 上 眺 望 企 嶺 下 海 , 但 見 漁 排 處 處 , 風 平 浪 靜 , 加 上 山 巒 倒影 , 一 片 悠 閒 憩 靜 之 貌 。

"Hong Kong's Extreme West" - Fan Lau, Lantau Island

Details prepared by Arthur

Date: Sat 10 May 2008
Time: 10:15am
Meeting Point: Tung Chung MTR Station, Exit B
Difficulty: 4 out of 5 (5=hard) - for experienced hikers

Please be on time and bring: snacks, water (1.5 - 2 litres), sun-screen, hat/umbrella, torch

This time we'll explore together an adventurous part of the Lantau Trail: from Shek Pik Reservoir to Tai O. We hope to reach the legendary Fan Lau Fort after 2.5 hours' walk before having lunch at Fan Lau Tsuen. We will then continue the scenic trail through Yi O and target to reach Tai O by 5:30pm. Some of you may be aware that this exciting route has no short-cut: so prepare the whole day for it!

Please reply Email by Fri 9 May 2008

Hiking: Tai Tam Reservoir, Sunday 9 March 2008

"Tai Tam Reservoir"
Event Date: 9 March 2008 (Sunday)
Event Time: 3:00pm
Meeting Point: Exchange Square Bus Terminus (Central), Bus #6
Difficulty: 1 out of 5 (5=hard)

Please be on time and bring: snacks, water, torch & jacket

A leisurely walk through Tai Tam which is famous for its elegant bridges of nearly a hundred years old. We'll start from HK Parkview, passing the scenic Tai Tam Reservoir and down to Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir, and finish our journey at around 5:30pm at Tai Tam Road where we can take a short ride to Stanley for snack/drink if everybody feels like it.

Please reply Email by Sat 8 March 2008

Hiking - Peng Chau - Sun 2 Dec 2007

Date: Sunday, 2 December, 2007
Time: 3:05pm - 7pm
Meeting Point: Central Pier No. 6 (ferry for Peng Chau)
Difficulty: 1.5 out of 5 (5=hard)

Please be on time, we plan to take the 3:20pm ferry which does not wait.
Please bring: snacks, water (at least 1 litre), jacket and a torch

We'll stroll around this small and scenic island, go up Finger Hill (95m) if we all have the energy, from where we can enjoy panoramic views of Hong Kong West, Lamma Island, Cheung Chau, Discovery Bay, Disneyland and the Tsing Ma Bridge. We'll finally relax at a local foodstore after the approximately 2-hour walk.

French Alumni Association - Po Toi Island 蒲苔島 28 Oct 2007

Meeting point: Stanley Pier (please see attached maps for meeting point, ferry route and Po Toi Island)
Meeting Time and Date: Sun 28 Oct 9:40am at the Stanley Pier

Po Toi Island 蒲苔島
Po Toi is southern-most island of Hong Kong, particularly noted for its massive, strange and fascinating rocks. We'll take the 11:30am ferry at Stanley; have lunch at Tai Wan after reaching Po Toi (and tasting its famous fish congee and seaweed soup would be a good idea). Besides visiting the Tin Hau Temple and the historical Mo's Old House巫氏廢宅, our adventurous journey would cover the Coffin Rock棺材石, Monk Rock, Buddha's Palm Cliff佛手巖and Rock Carving and the Tortoise Climbing up the Mountain 靈龜上山

We will have lunch at the restaurant on Po Toi Island. Bring water, snacks, towels, sun cream, sun glasses and a hat!

The most convenient way is to take the ferry at Stanley (take the bus 6A at Exchange Square to St. Stephen's Beach). The ferry to Po Toi is operated by 翠華船務 (booking enquiry: 2272-2022)

From Stanley - We take the 10am ferry
From Po Toi - 3:30pm or 5pm (we will take the 5pm one, if some people want to leave early, they can take the 3:30pm boat)
Price: $40 (round trip)

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Meeting Point (Stanley Pier) Ferry Route
Po Toi Island

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