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2013 Cambridge Summer Mentorship

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2011 Cambridge Mentorship Program

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20110319 PolyU + Cambridge alumni Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship Seminar

Dr. Dominic Chan, Founder & Partner of Dark Horse Investment
Mr. Alan Choy, Director of Music Power House
Dr. Chong Siu Nam, Research Director of K-Matrix
Mr Handon Hu, Title of Yo-So Technologies Ltd

Venue: PQ304
Date: 19 March 2011 (Saturaday)
Time: 2-4pm

BEA International English Contest - Press Conference 21 Sept 2009

I'm the Chairman of the organizing committee of the BEA International English Contest, the Hong Kong chapter. The contest is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of PRC and the British Embassy in China. The official website of the contest is

Experience sharing at a special camp of Renmin University Beijing

I was a speaking at this special camp of Renmin University, Beijing

Free-lancer Seminar 4:30pm 22 March

The Art and Science of Free-lancing:
How to maximize your skills, networks and tools to become financially independent in this world of uncertainty

A workshop co-organized by BiliBa and Leglessbird and co-hosted by Dominic Chan and Helen Cheng

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Are you tired of corporate politics? Are you having nightmares of being laid off? Do you feel trapped in the current job? Are you going to freak out if you don?t get a regular paycheck? Do you care if your mom is proud of your job title (or the actual work)? Do you think about free-lancing from time to time and wish to know more about it? Are you curious about people who don?t get a ?permanent and full-time? like you do and seem to be still doing okay? Do you want to try free-lancing to get some extra income? ...

In a 2 hour workshop, Dominic and Helen are going to share their experience of free-lancing, the ups and downs, the dos and don?ts, the tricks and treats, the rosy picture and the hard fact, etc. This workshop may enhance your determination to start free-lancing, may make your realize that free-lancing is not your cup of tea, may help you understand free-lancers around you better, may help you give better advice to friends and family who are talking about free-lancing, may let you get to know more free-lancers. Or simply just join us and get to know more about what Dominic and Helen are doing and how they do it.

Below is information for the workshop:

Date: 22 March, 2009 (Sunday)
Time: 4:30p.m.?6:30p.m.
Group size: 20 or below.

Venue: Mix, Cascade, Shop 11, 3 Queen's Road Central, Standard Chartered Bank Building, Central
Tel: 25237396

Cost: Pay your own food and drink. There is no minimum charge.

Please join us and bring friends to join us.

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Profile of Dominic Chan

Dominic Chan has been an independent business consultant since Jan 2006, he specializes in business development, feasibility studies, market opportunity scan, market entry strategy and investment due diligence, his clients include listed conglomerates, private equity investment company, property developers, education, insurance etc. Dominic was formally the co-CEO of a-connect (China), a professional staffing firm for independent professionals; a consultant with McKinsey & Company for over 3 years and he has done contract work with Booz & Co. A keen traveller and language learner, Dominic was able to spend time in France and Japan together with his wife to learn their languages thanks to his freelance lifestyle.

Profile of Helen Cheng

Helen Cheng is a free-lancer in the area of language, culture and communication since June 2007. She specializes in (inter)cultural communication and training, negotiation interpretation, social/business networking and writing. Her clients include banks, listed companies, consulates, national laboratories and government departments. Before becoming a free-lancer, Helen Cheng taught intercultural communication and business communication courses in universities in the US, Canada, Hong Kong and Macau.

Antarctica, South Georgia Travel Talk 『南極、南喬冶亞』旅遊講座 11 October 2008 4pm



Date: 11 October 2008
Time: 4pm-5:30pm
Venue: Room 1232, Star House, Tsim Sai Tsui, Kowloon
Telephone: 27378333
**Event will be conducted in Cantonese**

We would like to share with you our photos and stories during our trip to the Antarctica during Jan/Feb 2008. If you are interested in wildlife (such as Penguins and Seals), wonderful landscape and adventures, please come and join us on 11 Oct. Limited places, RSVP required.

Please reply Email by Fri 10 Oct 2008

**FULL** Travel talk: Antarctica - The last unspoiled place on earth

**THIS EVENT IS FULL** Thank you for your response
Time and Date: 4-6pm Sat 26th April 2008
Place: 5/F, Wellington Plaza, 56-58 Wellington Street, Central (further up Wellington Street from the famous "Yung Kee") MAP

Capacity: 25 people
Fee: HK$ 50 to cover the rent
Please RSVP to reserve your place.

We would like to share with you our photos and stories during our trip to the Antarctica during Jan/Feb 2008. If you are interested in wildlife (such as Penguins and Seals), wonderful landscape and adventures, please come and join us on 26 April. Limited places, RSVP required.

**THIS EVENT IS FULL** Thank you for your response

Please reply Email by Fri 25 April 2008

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