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BEA International English Contest - Press Conference 21 Sept 2009

I'm the Chairman of the organizing committee of the BEA International English Contest, the Hong Kong chapter. The contest is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of PRC and the British Embassy in China. The official website of the contest is

Chanel, Mobile Art, 15 March 2008

Free private tour for French Alumni Association

E-Learning Conference in Nanjing 8-9 Nov 2007

E-learning conference with Cerbibo and nearly 300 attendants from many different universities in China

The floating book shop - The Doulos Boat

Apparently, this boat is only slightly younger than The Titanic, very different fate...

Report on John Li's Art Exhibition

Nice paintings appropriately displayed in a very nice location :-)

Report: Art Exhibition - Home & Voyage II - the journey continues...

Home & Voyage II - the journey continues...

Great openning, glad to be able to speak to John about his works. Also to meet new friends. Exhibition organised by Jamart

Report: Art Exhibition

Art exchange of Hong Kong and China's scruptures.

Report: Art Exhibition - Spanish Parables in Watercolour - Nozomi

Spanish Parables in Watercolour - Nozomi

Great openning and nice to have the opportunity to speak to the painter about her art work. Exhibition organised by Jamart