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Swimming Pool

Posted by Ryoko

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Swimming Pool

Type: Suspense, Britian 2003

Director:Francois Ozon

My rating: 3
Key actors/actresses:
Charlotte Rampling: Sarah Morton
Ludivine Sagnier: Julie
Charles Dance: John Bosload

Sarah Morton, a British popular mystery author, was tired of London. John Bosload, her publisher as well as her boyfriend, asked her to stay at his home in Luberon, in the south of France. She accepted his offer because she needed a kind of inspiration for her new novel. However, Sarah had to stay there with John?s French daughter Julie suddenly. Julie?s lifestyle was reckless, wild, and sexual, so Sarah could not stand it and her life in Luberon was disturbed unexpectedly.

My review:
There are not many characters (that?s one of the reasons I like this movie), so you may guess that this film is easy to understand?but my answer is ?No?; I still wonder how to understand the end of story, which was beyond my imagination. I like this kind of closing, because my imagination can go everywhere, and this story must let it go at that.

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