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20131204-09 Seoul, South Korea, Asia

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Seoul, South Korea 2-6 Aug 2007

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I had business meeting in Seoul and Irene came over for the weekend. Seoul has a special place in our heart because we officially started going out when Irene came to Seoul to visit me in Sept 1999 while I was working on a telecom project. On this ocassion, we had dinner at Grand Hyatt Seoul where I stayed during 1999, it certainly brought book many fond memories. We also were able to catch up with Wonsik and Bomsinae, 2 of my Korean friends with whom we worked on that telecom project. We also discovered some new areas to visit and had dinner at 2 other nice restaurants, called Hanilkwan (very traditional Korean food) and Tani (modern fusion food), both excellent choices. Irene enjoyed some shopping as well.

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