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Marrakech, Morocco, Africa, Dec 2004

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World HeritageMarrakech is an interesting city with the very old Medina in which the Souk is a must-see, you should hire an official guide, as it is like a maze in the Souk. You will see many handicraft still being made the traditional way, carpets, lamps, oilament etc. Mosques are usually off-limit to non-muslims. You should visit some of the museums that show you the old religious school, collections of items used in the old days. If you have time, you should definitely visit the Berber villages (the first tribe to settle in what's known as Morocco today), also the desert and mountain.

Morocco's tourism is not very developed. It is difficult to even find a good map in each city, not readily available and not very well mark. There are plenty of cafe and some local restaurants, but if you want to find a nice looking restaurant by Western standard, you need to spend more time in locating them.

Day 1: London to Marrakesh
Day 2: Marrakech: Medina, Souk, Koutoubia Mosque, Place Jemaa el-Fna, The Souks, Ben Youseef Medersa, Koubba Ba' Adiyn, Rahba Kedima Old Square, Saadian Tombs, Palais Bahia, Dar Si Said Museum
Day 3: Marrakech: Ourika Valley
Day 4: Marrakech to Casablanca: Clock tower, Place des Nations Unies, Hotel Excelsior, Palais de Justice, Place Mohammed V, Eglise du Sacre Coeur, Hyatt Regency
Day 5: Casablanca to Rabat: Avenue Hassan II, Hassan Tower, Mausoleum of Mohammed V, Hotel Farah, Oudaia Kasbah, Place Jama Es Souna
Day 6: Rabat to Meknes: Imperial City, Bassin de l'Aguedal, Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail, Medina
Day 7: Meknes/Volubilis/MoulayIdriss/Meknes
Day 8: Meknes to Fes: Medina, Fondouk el-Nejjarine, Bou Inania Medersa, Tanners Quarter, Karaouiyine Library, Zaouia of Moulay Idriss II, El-Attarine Medersa
Day 9: Fes: Rest
Day 10: Fes to Casablanca: Mosque Hassan II
Day 11: Casablanca to London

In hindsight, a better way to explores these cities is to fly into Marrakech and take the train to visit Casablanca, Rabat, Meknes (Volubilis) and Fes in that order. Then, fly out from Fes instead of Casablanca.

Rabat, Morocco, Africa, Dec 2004

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Rabat is the capital of Morocco, we like this city much more than Casablanca. However, Rabat is actually quite small, you can see probably everything in one day. The Hassan Tower and Mausoleum of Mohammed V are must-sees.

Casablanca, Morocco, Africa, Dec 2004

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We must say we were a bit disappointed with Casablanca, we have already heard from friends that this is not a very interesting city and they were right. I had high hope of this place because of the Hollywood classic Casablanca. The only connection to the movie is the posters of the movie on the walls of the Casablanca bar in Hyatt Regency. Casablanca is a busy modern city. Having said all that, the Mosque of Hassan II is a must-see.

Volubilis, Morocco, Africa, Dec 2004

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World HeritageThe remain of a Roman town. The Mauritanian capital, founded in the 3rd century B.C., became an important outpost of the Roman Empire and was graced with many fine buildings. Extensive remains of these survive in the archaeological site, located in a fertile agricultural area. Volubilis was later briefly to become the capital of Idris I, founder of the Idrisid dynasty

Meknes, Morocco, Africa, Dec 2004

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World Heritage Meknes is a small town that houses one of the world heritage site - Meknes old town, Medina. You can visit all the interesting things in one day. We recommend stay an extra day in Meknes and make a day-trip visit to Volubilis, a historical Roman ruin. We found and stayed at a brand new hotel call Hotel De Nice which is very nice and affordable, extremely good value for money! Finding a decent restaurant by Western standard is always a challenge, apart from restaurants in hotels, McDonald is your best bet (expensive by local standard). We tried a local restaurant with local food and it was alright, big portion and decent food.

Fes, Morocco, Africa, Dec 2004

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World HeritageFes has a very nice old town (Medina), a local guide is needed to get around the maze of the old town. Also there are a few Medersas (schools) that worth a visit such as El-Attarine Medersa. A museum called Fondouk El-Nejjarine has a good collection of items used by traditional Morocco people. Tanner's Quarter is where all kinds of leather are processed, cow, goat, camel, they are treated and coloured.

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