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Iceland, Norway Itinerary 9 - 21 July 2008

Iceland 9-13 July 2008

Day 1: London, UK -> Reykjavik, Iceland
Golden circle tour: Geysir, waterfall and other outdoor landscape
Day 2: Town visit including Museuems
Day 3: Horse riding and whale & puffin watching
Day 4: Hiking in the mountain
Day 5: Blue Lagoon followed by flight from Reykjavik to Oslo, Norway

Norway 13-21 July 2008

Day 1: Reykjavik to Oslo, Norway

Norway in a nutshell tour commences

Day 2: Oslo to Myrdal by train, Myrdal to Flam by the Flam Railway, short excursion to Aurland and Otternes
Day 3: From Flam, visiting nearby city Laerdal for the Salmon farm
Day 4: Flam to Gudvangen by boat admiring the beautiful Fjord, continuing by bus to Stalheim and then to Voss
Day 5: From Voss, go to Stavanger by train
Day 6: From Stavanger to Bergen by boat
Day 7: From Bergen to Kristiansand by train
Day 8: From Kristiansand to Oslo by train
Day 9: Oslo Museums
Day 10: Oslo to UK

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