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Handsome Suit

Comedy, Japan, 2008
Director: Tsutomu Hanabusa
Muga Tsukaji ... Takuro Ohki
Keiko Kitagawa
Shosuke Tanihara

Story line:
A kind-hearted but ugly looking and almost revolting man who owns a small noodle shop, he was selected by the suit company owner to try out his latest invention - The "handsome suit", once you wear it, you become handsome instantly. So he was taking advantage of his new look to pursue dreams that would not have been possible otherwise. At the same time, he is still trying to find his true love, would he succeed? What would he learn from this?

My review:
Very cheesy story, but never mind, have a good laugh watching it anyway. And yes the movie is trying to make a point, don't judge someone by his/her look, again a bit clich?, again never mind still a enjoyable film

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