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Iron Ladies(Satree-lex)

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Iron Ladies (Sub) (buy from Amazon)

Type: Comedy, Thailand 2000

Director:Youngyooth Thongkonthun

My rating: 4
Key actors/actresses:
Jesdaporn Pholdee .... Chai
Sahaphap Tor .... Mon
Ekachai Buranapanit .... Wit
Giorgio Maiocchi .... Nong
Chaicharn Nimpulsawasdi .... Jung
Kokkorn Benjathikoon .... Pia
Shiriohana Hongsopon .... Coach

A true story of a Thai male volleyball team that won the national championship in 1996.

My review:
Very funny indeed!

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Comment from: dominicchan  

Replied by Ryoko
It is the true story about a Thai male volleyball team that won in the national championships in 1996. The team members were mainly gays, transvestites and transsexuals. A female coach Bee was selected, and she wanted to choose her own players. She asked Mon to find some of his friends to join her new team. They selected Nong, a gay in the army; Pia, the transsexual star of a cabaret show; Wit, his parents didn’t know that he was gay.

My review:
This is just a comedy that makes you laugh a lot. There is no special message, it’s just a fun movie. Like a kind of ?Major League? ???

10/14/06 @ 10:08