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Jules and Jim

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Jules and Jim - Criterion Collection (buy from Amazon)

Drama, French, 1962
Director: Fran?ois Truffaut

Jeanne Moreau ... Catherine
Oskar Werner ... Jules (as Oscar Werner)
Henri Serre ... Jim

A love-triangle that involves 2 best friends Jules and Jim with a very impulsive (when it comes to love) girl Catherine. Catherine eventually marries Jules but never really settles, after the war, Catherine starts loving Jim, but Jim and Jules remain good friends. It gets more complicated as Catherine and Jim also have other lovers. Eventually this drives to the ultimate destruction.

My Review:
A French classic love story, a woman who is so generous in love and is always in need of love, someone who always act on her impulse, regardless of how she will affect or hurt others. 2 men who maintain their friendship while having a relationship with the same woman, encouraging her and fueling her impulsive behaviour, because both men were afraid of losing her.

This is an interesting movie as it would deem very liberal even by today's Asian standard. It was sad to see that it has led to a rather abrupt and tragic ending.

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