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Queen Margot

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Queen Margot (La Reine Margot) (buy from Amazon)

ype: Drama, France 1994

Director:Patrice Ch閞eau

My rating: 4
Key actors/actresses:
Isabelle Adjani .... Margot
Daniel Auteuil .... Henri of Navarre
Jean-Hugues Anglade .... Charles IX
Vincent Perez .... La M鬺e

Aka Reine Margot, La
The Massacre of St. Bartholomew in France happened on the evening of 24 Aug 1572, a bloody religious war. A pre-arranged wedding between Margot de Valois, sister of the immature Catholic King Charles IX, and the Hugenot King Henri of Navarre was supposed to ensure peace. The inevitable finally happened

My review:
A very powerful recount of a terrible historical event. The ugly side of power struggle and religious conflict. The killing scenes are very vivid...

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Comment from: dominicchan  

Replied by Ryoko

When Charles IX pressed down Margot?s head to accept the wedding with Henri of Navarre, I gave a little cry with surprise at a theater.
Well, Isabelle Adjani is beautiful and looks so young! Margot must be a teenager in this film but Adjani was in 40?s (maybe?) during the shooting.

10/14/06 @ 19:20