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Samaritan Girl

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Samaritan Girl (buy from Amazon)

Type: Drama, South Korea 2004

Director: Ki-duk Kim

My rating: 3
Key actors/actresses:
Ji-min Kwak .... Yeo-Jin
Min-jeong Seo .... Jae-yeong
Eol Lee .... Yeong-ki
Kwon Hyun-Min .... Salesman
Oh Young .... Musician

Posted by Dominic
2 girls Jae-yeong and Yeo-Jin who are best friends and they are making money by Jae-yeong acting as prostitute and Yeo-jin is managing the 'business', yeo-jin hated those men. 1 day, Jae-yeong jumped out of the window during a policy raid while she was at business, she was seriously injuried and was dying, her dying wish was to see one of men she slept with a musician again. Yeo-Jin tried to fulfill her best friend's dying wish, but that musician would not come unless Yeo-Jin slept with him. Jae-yeong died before he arrived. Since then, Yeo-Jin decided she would sleep with all the men that Jae-yeong slept with and returned the money to these men. Little did she know that her father who is a policeman had found out about her activities and he intended to punish these men...

My review:
A controvisial story on a sensitive topic of young girls going into prostitution. Yeo-Jin intended to change those men by sacrificing herself, it is an unusual thought, but in the process her father was deeply hurt.

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