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Shall We Dance

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Shall We Dance? (buy from Amazon)

Type: Comedy Drama, Japan 1996

Director:Masayuki Suo

My rating: 4

Key actors/actresses:
Koji Yakusho .... Shohei Sugiyama Tamiyo Kusakari .... Mai Kishikawa Naoto Takenaka .... Tomio Aoki Eriko Watanabe .... Toyoko Takahashi

A middle age man with wife and kids and a steady job as an accountant is looking for a new hobby. Not really going through a mid-life crisis, just looking for some changes. He sees from the train a dance school on his way home every night and there is this beautiful lady dancer practicing near one of the windows at the dance school. His mind begins to wonder if taking dance classes will reignit his boring life.

My review:
Shall we dance is a very light and easy to appreciate type of movie, I think man in the late 40s will especially reasonant with the story (ha ha I am not one of them yet). At points, the movie is also very humourous and will put a big smile on your face. The male director (also play a small character in the movie) is surprisingly very sensitive in expressing the emotion of the characters. Highly recommended.

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