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The tale of the unusual

Type: Comedy Drama Horror SciFi, Japan 2000

Director: Mamoru Hosi, Masayuki Ochiai, Hisao Ogura, Masayuki Suzuki

My rating: 4

Key actors/actresses:
Kazuyuki Aijima .... Manabe (segment: One Snowy Night)/Salaryman (segment: The Storyteller)
Izumi Inamori .... Chiharu Takajo (segment: The Marriage Simulator)
Renji Ishibashi .... Old Man (segment: Chess)
Takashi Kashiwabara .... Yuichi Tokunagi (segment: The Marriage Simulator)
Narumi Kayashima .... (segment: The Marriage Simulator)
Masahiro Komoto .... Seiichi Tomoda (segment: Chess)
Kiichi Nakai .... (segment: Samurai Cellular)
Yukiko Okamoto .... Kumi Kato (segment: Chess)
Megumi Okina .... Karu (segment: Samurai Cellular)
Ren Osugi .... Yoshiaki Yamauchi (segment: One Snowy Night)
Kazuma Suzuki .... Takuro Yuki (segment: One Snowy Night)
Saya Takagi .... (segment: The Marriage Simulator)


Posted by Dominic
A group of people are stuck at the train station on a rainy night, there is a story teller among them, he started telling people one story, it was so interesting that he told another and another, 4 stories all together.
1) One Snowy Night is about 5 people after a plane crashed into a very cold remote place, 4 of them decided to leave the 5th one who was injured to die and would they survive the night?....

2) A royal minister in ancient Japan finds a mobile phone and gets a call from the future, a historical researcher verifying if the coup the minister is leading did happen as the history books taught, however this minister is actually a coward, the phone call changes all that...

3) Marriage Simulator is about a couple who are about to get married and they want to go through marriage simultor to see if they are really right for each other.

4) Chess: Defected by a supercomputer, a chess master is so devastated that he refuses to play again. A rich guy finds him and forces him to play a game of chess where actual people get killed when you lose a piece on the chess board, and at stake is his love who plays the queen.

My review:
Interesting short stories and entertaining, they stretch your imagination.

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