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Death Note 1

Death NoteType: Drama, Japan 2006

Director: Shusuke Kaneko

My rating: 5
Key actors/actresses:

Tatsuya Fujiwara .... Light Yagami
Ken'ichi Matsuyama .... L
Asaka Seto .... Naomi Misora
Shigeki Hosokawa .... FBI Agent Ray
Erika Toda .... Misa Amane
Shunji Fujimura .... Watari
Takeshi Kaga .... Souichiro Yagami

Posted by Dominic
A "Death note" notebook that belongs to one of the Gods of death has been picked up by a super-smart teenager "Light". The notebook comes with instruction on how to use it, "the human whose name is written into this Death Note shall die". Light makes good use of it to eliminate criminals who are in his eyes not worthy to live, he wants to create his own world that is crime free. The unexplained death of criminals worldwide has caught the attention of another super-smart teenager crime-burster "L". The war is on between 2 of the smartest mind on earth, will "L" be able to catch "Light", and "Light" with such supernatural power in his hand, would he be able to create his idealised world, also God of death is excited to watch this catch and run game and he is not taking side.

My review:
Absolute power corrupt absolutely, with the ability to take the life of another person by simply writing his/her name into a notebook, "Light" has turned into a monster, in the name of creating a better world, he has in effect become the most evil person.

Most interesting story, a concept that many people must have thought of and wished to have the same magic power to get rid of the wrongs in the world. This stroy reminds us that this is a dangerous concept that no one will be able to control the power and avoid being corrupted.

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