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Type: Drama, Japan 2005

Director: Isshin Inudou

My rating: 4
Key actors/actresses:
Masami Nagasawa .... Minami Asakura
Keita Saito .... Kazuya Uesugi
Syota Saito .... Tatsuya Uesugi
Posted by Dominic
Based on the comic book by Mitsuru Adachi. Kazuya (younger) and Tatsuya (elder) are twin brothers, Minami is the girl next door, the three of them were born in the same year and grew up together. Both brothers love Minami. She has a wish which becomes the common goal of the twin brothers that is to go to Koshien Stadium to play baseball. To do so, they must represent their high school and win the regional competition. Tatsuya doesn't want to compet with his brother and quit baseball, Kazuya is a great baseball player and has led the school team to the regional final, soon Minami's dream will be realised and she is clear on who she loves. On the day of the final game, something happened and Kazuya did not turn up...

My review:
I have always loved this comic by Mitsuru Adachi, also the TV edition which has become a classic. Kazuya and Tatsuya are good and loving brothers, Minami is the kind of girl where every boy dreams about. Mitsuru has created many touching and clever plots in the story with many other interesting characters surrounding Kazuya, Tatsuya and Minami, including the star players in the other baseball teams. I think there is too much in the originally story to be put in a 2-hour movie, the film has done a good job in bringing out the essence, but if you like the movie and have not read the comic or watch the TV series, I'll encourage you to do so.

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