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Travel book launch - Sunday 22 June 2014 2:30-5:30pm at Paragon Culture

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Dear Family and Friends,

Hope this message finds you well. As many of you probably know, Irene and I have been writing a book (in Chinese) on world travel. We are pleased to inform you that it is finally out!

You are cordially invited to our book launch event. We will be giving a brief talk and signing books. You can get a discount and mingles with other keen travellers at a nice venue! Please kindly register if you are coming.  (RSVP Link Here )

Date: Sun 22 June 2014
Time: 2:30-5:30pm
Venue: Paragon Culture, 23/F, The Pemberton, 22-26 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong 
Charge: Free
Language: Cantonese 
RSVP: Click here 
Book pre order: Click here 

香港本地郵寄地址 Hong Kong postal address

Travel Book:"The Dream Journey" (Original HK$98)

For more details and the poster, please see the content below.

We look forward to seeing you then! 

Dec 2013, South Africa


Irene and Dominic

June 2014  (Follow us "@About.Me" Dominic ChanIrene Sin)

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在旅遊的時候,離開我們熟悉的環境,體驗其他國家的風土人情入鄉隨俗做自己不習慣的事情時,最能反映我們的性格,無論是好或壞的性格。最好是懂得學習他鄉的好傳統。喜歡旅行的原因主要是那無限的好奇心,天大地大,世界有七大洲,兩百多個國家,每天在陽光下,月亮下太多新鮮事物發生,許多天然的景物和人類文化不斷在演變,一輩子都看不完遊不盡,每次接觸新事物,學習新知識,品嚐新美食,觀看新風景,心情自然而然地非常愉快,喜歡那種求知的感覺,在一個陌生的城市,簡單如乘車,到超市購物,從東到西都不熟識,都須重頭認知,與當地人交談事事新奇,眼界大開。在大自然中感受一下環境及萬物的互動及互相倚賴總有意外的驚喜,同時也滿足那純真的好奇心。 在這個新書介紹會中,陳志邦博士將會跟大家分享一些與太太一同遊歷七大洲時所遇到有啟發性的故事。

日期:2014年6月22日 (星期日)

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陳志邦博士生於香港,長於香港,非常熱愛旅遊和戶外活動,十四歲時到英國過了非常愉快的四年中學寄宿生活。畢業於英國劍橋大學獲頒學士、碩士及博士學位。曾經在剛滿十七歲時和一位同齡的朋友二人踏上第一個真正的自助旅程,手持一個月有效的歐洲火車通行証,不知天高地厚、沒有信用卡、沒有手提電話、沒有駕駛執照、身懷少量現金,抱著初生之犢不畏虎的心情往歐洲大陸闖盪數周,奠定日後要環遊世界的宏願,足跡遍及七大洲,近七十個國家,超過四百個城市。喜歡旅行的原因是那一顆無限的好奇心。 陳博士是一名管理顧問,技術初創公司投資者,企業培訓師,以及客座講師。他是《八載劍橋》一書的作者,寫他在劍橋大學讀書生活八年來的點滴與所見所聞;他也是休閒網站 '停不鳥Leglessbird' 的創建者。

八載劍橋 http://MyCambridgeDays.com 停不鳥 http://Leglessbird.com Travel talk at Paragon Culture

Travel book launch (Book written in Chinese)

From small encounters to enlightenment: Collection of stories during world travel

When we travel, leaving our familiar environment, experience other countries culture and practice, do something we are not so used, almost a good reflection on our personality for good or bad. To learn about the good traditional culture of other people. I love travelling because I am very curious, for the world is so big with seven continents, over 200 countries. Everyday there are new happenings under the Sun and the Moon, nature and human culture continue to evolve, you are hardly visit every place in a life time. Every time when we encounter new things, learn new knowledge, taste new food, appreciate a new scene, our heart is full of joy, love the feeling of wanting to explore more. In a unfamiliar place, simple thing like taking the public transport, shopping at supermarket, nothing is familiar, we have to learn from scratch, talking to the local people always widen our horizon. Relax and submerge yourself in nature, follow our pure curiosity to feel the interaction and the inter-dependency of everything in the ecosystem, there are always nice pleasant surprise, and highly satisfying. In this book launch event, Dr Dominic Chan will talk about these enlightening encounters while he travels through seven continents with his wife.

Date: Sun 22 June 2014
Time: 2:30-5:30pm
Venue: Paragon Culture, 23/F, The Pemberton, 22-26 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Charge: Free
Language: Cantonese
RSVP: Click here
Book pre order: Click here 

Author Introduction
Dr Dominic Chan was born and raised in Hong Kong, passionate about travelling and outdoor activities. He went to UK when he was 14 and spent 4 memorable years in a boarding school. Graduated from Cambridge University with BA, MA and PhD degrees. When Dominic turned 17, he went with a friend of the same age on to their first real free-style journey, without credit card, mobile phone and driver's license, with only a one-month Europe inter-rail pass, a little of money and a very brave heart, they had a fantastic trip in Europe for a few weeks. This laid the foundation of Dominic's passion for travelling, he has since set foot on all 7 continents and visited nearly 70 countries and over 400 cities. His love of travelling stems from his curiosity! Dr Chan is a management consultant, technology startup investor, corporate trainer, and visiting lecturer. He is also the author of the book "My Cambridge Days", (http://MyCambridgeDays.com) the creator of the leisure website "Leglessbird", (http://leglessbird.com).

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