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La Boum 2

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Type: Drama, France 1982

Director:Claude Pinoteau

My rating: 3

Key actors/actresses:
Claude Brasseur .... Fran?ois Beretton
Brigitte Fossey .... Fran?oise Beretton
Sophie Marceau .... Vic Beretton
Lambert Wilson .... F?lix Mar?chal
Pierre Cosso .... Philippe Berthier
Alexandre Sterling .... Mathieu

Vic is now 16 years old, though she has a boyfriend, she is still very clueless about boys but even more curious. Grandma comes to the rescue again for giving her advice. Being older, she also pushes her parents' tolerence to the limit. In the meantime, her parents have also new set of relationship problem of their own...

My review:
This is the sequel to La Boum and as Vic grows older, a new set of teenagers' problem occur. La Boum 2 is also well known to the French generation of the 1970s, 1980s. It is a fun and entertaining movie with a simple story, just like the first movie. Watch out for the next one L'etudiante where Sophie Marceau plays a graduate student, love relationship problem continues...
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