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La Boum

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La Boum / La Boum 2 (3 DVD Box Set) [Non-US Format, PAL, Region 2, Import] (buy from Amazon)

Type: Drama, France 1980

Director:Claude Pinoteau

My rating: 3
Key actors/actresses:
Claude Brasseur .... Fran?ois Beretton
Brigitte Fossey .... Fran?oise Beretton
Sophie Marceau .... Vic Beretton
Denise Grey .... Poupette
Jean-Michel Dupuis .... ?tienne

Posted by Dominic
Vic is a 13 years old girl who becomes curious about boys. While her parents are so busy with their professional lives, they hardly have time to give Vic advice on romance. Also her parents are going through their own relationship crisis. Fortunately, she has a very liberal grandma on her side who is telling her all about boys!!!

My review:
This is Sophie Marceau's first movie and what a wonderful actress she has become and still going strong. La Boum is such a well known movie in France that everyone of this generation knows the sound of this movie by heart! The word La Boum refers to the type of drinks party teenages held in their house or flat and when soft music is played during the movie, you are expected to kiss someone! Thus very appropriate name for this movie which is trying to look at romance from a young teenager's view.

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