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The Closet

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The Closet (buy from Amazon)

Type: Comedy, France 2001

Director:Francis Veber

My rating: 3

Key actors/actresses:
Daniel Auteuil .... Fran?ois Pignon
G?rard Depardieu .... F?lix Santini
Thierry Lhermitte .... Guillaume
Mich?le Laroque .... Mlle Bertrand

Posted by Dominic
Fran?ois works in a condom factory as an accountant and he knows he is about to get fired and his family life is in a mess, his ex-wife and son wouldn't talk to him at all. Just when he is going to end his life, his neighbour suggests to him that he should pretend to be gay and they will send some gay pictures of Fran?ois to his boss with a note saying that if he gets fired, it will be discrimination and the gay community will protest. So his job is now safe, but what happens next is something totally unexpected ...

My review:
Very funny comedy, highly entertaining. Great acting too. It is also interesting to see three great actors to play such soft comedian role, different from their usual masculine roles like cops.

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