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Hiking Log: Lai Chi Woo at Tai Po on 19 Nov 2006

Lai Chee WooThere were 10 of us who took on this interesting 7-hour trip, nice view, nice trees, especially in the red forest, there is plenty of wetland. We had a late lumch at around 2:30pm with chicken congee and another chicken dish, apparently free ranger chicken, and we had the tufu flower dessert.

As we were 1-hour behind schedule, we were walking in the dark during the last part of our trip which was quite exciting.

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Comment from: candykwong  

The scenery is nice. I was a bit tired at the end but enjoyed it in general. It was also my first time to hike at night. I will surely bring a powerful torch with me next time as the one I had was too dim in the countryside.

12/08/06 @ 16:10